Gina and Bryan’s Renaissance Album

More goodies arriving every day!

HHP RacanelliKaneAlbum collageGina has a real editorial sense of design, and she focused a lot of her picks on portraits of her and hubby, Bryan, so her album has the look of a luscious, timeless, durable magazine.  So many of her books’ pages are my favorites.  I love how great the bridal party shot looks at this giant size and the way the story ends on such a romantic note.

HHP RacanelliKaneAlbum_0002swmThe black and white print and the subtle silver inscription on the opal silk brocade cover just makes my day.

I can’t wait to get this into her hands!



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Michele and Brett’s Renaissance Album

Well, hello, beautiful!

HHP SmileyAlbumCollageMichele and Brett are super-busy, so they asked me to pick the photos for their album and then used those picks as a starting point for tweaking.  They had some fantastic design ideas to add!

We made the new 13×10 inch album for them, and I just love how they get these enormous 13×20 inch enlargements of some of the photos!. They look amazing at that size, too!

The Silver Spiral Designer NL cover isn’t imprint-able, so we decided to put the name and date inside the first page as part of the design.

Can’t wait to ship it off and get it in their lovely hands!


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Three Generations of Lovelies, Portrait Session

Ali’s birthday was coming up, and all she wanted was a portrait session with her mom, her fam and her sister’s family.  So her mom made the call.

HHP Palmatier collageAli and her sister put together a collection of vintage white dresses and shoes for the ladies and the guys were dapper in their light-colored clothes.  Ali’s mom had a beautiful white couch, which we moved into the new sun room.  With a white curtain pinned to a sunny wall, we ended up with a lovely white, vintage theme for some memorable photos of a very fun session.

I think Ali’s birthday present might have ended up being a gift for everyone there.  Including me!


P.S.  See more from Ali’s birthday portrait session on Facebook and at the web gallery.

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Honest Mama

HHP 3yo rolling her eyes_0010Being a mom can be pretty funny sometimes.  You wouldn’t believe the crazy stuff we mamas see!  And my Facebook page was becoming one of those that they warn you about – full of posts about the kids.  So I decided, as a New Year’s Resolution for 2013, to take the show on the road.  I’d been reading this totally hilarious Facebook page, Honest Toddler, for a while, and I found myself craving (and creating) the alternate perspective – the one about honest toddler’s honest mother.   So I started a Facebook page where I could post all about it, and it’s developed into a sweet addition to my portfolio.  So you can see my faves on the website now, too, as the latest project.  I hope you “like” it!  ;)


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Ashley and Steve’s Renaissance Album

HHP AshleySteve Album_0002swmLook what just arrived!

HHP AshleySteve AlbumAren’t the new matt designs, customized here for the 10×13 sized album, so cute in Ashley and Steve‘s book?  Ashley had some fantastic input about the album, and even asked us to expand the book a bit so they could have more full-page and two-page bleeds.  (These are just a few  favorite pages from her big, bad album.  And there were so many to choose from!)  As always, the ability of the Renaissance book to lay flat and have a true panorama on each page is just awesome!  Ashley and Steve chose the Tribeca cement cover – always a favorite!  We can’t wait to hand this baby over to them this weekend!


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Westchester Weddings and the Rhinecliff

Check out the new additions to the website:

Westchester Weddings

HHP KatieSean R1-22A23

The Rhinecliff

HHP EllenBrandonW_0584

There are fresh photos in the other sections, and more coming soon, too.   So come back and visit us again and again!


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Winter Textures

I can see the first day of spring.  It’s written on the calendar just a page away.  I’m not sure how the little buds will wake up and crawl out from beneath this blanket of snow.

HHP WinterSledding_0039swmBut, inspired by a short walk on one of those deep freeze days of January after a portrait shoot at Mohonk Mountain House, I have been on the lookout for all the winter textures.  Coupled with a few warmer ones from my trip to Florida, perhaps it will show those little buds the way.

HHP Winter Textures-Hillary

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