Long Island Vacation!

Modern art, ocean beaches, lighthouses, wine tasting, horseshoe crab encounters, fish shacks (dock- and road-side), ferries and boats, small town vignettes, historic features, farm stands, gourmet burgers and shakes, vintage dime-store thrills, sunshine and lots of family time.  This is my Hamptons.

HHP SagHarbor14_0009 Collage DiaHHP SagHarbor14_0064Collage Montauk2Collage Montauk1HHP SagHarbor14_0096Collage WolfferHHP SagHarbor14_0115HHP SagHarbor14_0138HHP SagHarbor14_0139Collage ClamBarHHP SagHarbor14_0184HHP SagHarbor14_0475Collage VignettesCollage BayStreetCollage FarmersMktCollage LTBurgerCollage SagHarborCollage Poignant


P.S.  See all the pretty beach pictures on Instagram!

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Jason and Katie’s 10th {Long Island Anniversary Party}

For the past ten years, I have been secretly enjoying someone else’s marriage.  That of my sweet college friends, Jason and Katie.  And the other weekend, we all got to celebrate!

HHP SagHarbor14_0209Untitled-2HHP SagHarbor14_0234Untitled-1HHP SagHarbor14_0265HHP SagHarbor14_0305HHP SagHarbor14_0325Jason and KT collageHHP SagHarbor14_0335Cake collageHHP SagHarbor14_0360HHP SagHarbor14_0349HHP SagHarbor14_0371HHP SagHarbor14_0366Pinata collageHHP SagHarbor14_0278HHP SagHarbor14_0300HHP SagHarbor14_0394HHP SagHarbor14_0419HHP SagHarbor14_0429HHP SagHarbor14_0425HHP SagHarbor14_0424

Here’s to 10s of many more.  <3

HHP SagHarbor14_0318


P.S.  See all the photos at their web gallery!

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Child Modeling Photos {Hudson Valley Portrait Photography}

My daughter is an actor.  A Shakespearean actor, to be precise, though she also loves musical theater.  She’s really pretty good and has some great pipes, if I do say so myself.  It’s fun keeping up with her headshots.  For this session, we needed some modeling-type shots, as well, as there’s a talent agent interested!

HHP ZFH purple wm

HHP ZFH outside wm

HHP ZFH red background wm

HHP ZFH white background wm

Zoe Frances Harvey theatrical 2014 wmI love this age.  They can turn from a little girl into a teenager and back again, in the blink of an eye.  My eyes are watering, trying to keep them open.


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Kelly & Tony {Engagement Photos at Kingston Point Park}

“I’ve got waterfront, boats, bridges, old railroad tracks, some woods and trees, a playground, a beach, you name it!” I told Kelly and Tony.  And I do, just within a mile or two of my studio.  Kelly and Tony narrowed it down to the woods for a Texas vibe… and they’d take some waterfront and tracks, too!  I love how it always ends up being such a different shoot each time I photograph a couple in Kingston Point Park, customized just for them.

HHP KT SunshineHHP KellyTonyE_0431 HHP KT BridgeHHP KellyTonyE_0160bHHP KT DetailsHHP KellyTonyE_0187 HHP KellyTonyE_0254HHP KT CuteHHP KellyTonyE_0458HHP KellyTonyE_0442HHP KellyTonyE_0487It was a beautiful day and such a lot of fun.   And now we all know each other a little better.  I love how relaxed and intimate they seem in this last photo.  It just makes the wait for their wedding day next year all the more deliciously difficult to bear!  :)


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Barn Venue Textures {fine art photography}

Sometimes things in life just match up perfectly.  Like me photographing weddings in the Hudson Valley where there are so many gorgeously renovated barn venues.  There’s something about a barn that makes me swoon: the raw, empty space; the light leaks through the wooden slats; the doors with their antique handles and rounded ways and historic dates marking their tops; the sound of feet dancing on those thick, barnwood floors.

HHP Light LeaksLast weekend, I photographed a wedding at Grasmere with Hudson River Photographer.  And during a very fun day of shooting with Diane, I made these texture photos on my iPhone, just for fun.

HHP Barn Curves Texture HHP Door Texture HHP Wall Textures-Hillary

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Instagram Action

Make a photo a day.  That’s the challenge I gave myself this spring.  Such fun.  Here are some of my recent faves…

HHP iPhone_0325HHP iPhone_0108HHP iPhone_0061HHP iPhone_0203HHP iPhone_0017HHP iPhone 2013-14__1010HHP iPhone 2013-14__0970HHP iPhone 2013-14__0869HHP iPhone 2013-14__0831HHP iPhone 2013-14__0805HHP iPhone 2013-14__0770HHP iPhone 2013-14__0762HHP iPhone 2013-14__0722HHP iPhone 2013-14__0696HHP iPhone 2013-14__0679Read their back stories and follow me to see what comes up next!


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My Failed Pinterest Party

I am a Pinterest-party-planning wannabe.

No one in my family is born in the summer.  Until my second daughter, Sabine, came along!  Her birthday is the one chance I have all year of throwing a lovely garden party.  And lucky for me, she is a happy collaborator when it comes to planning something particularly girlie and sweet.  This year, Sabine and I trolled Pinterest looking for fun party ideas.  Mermaids?  Strawberry shortcake?  Blueberry shortcake?  Eventually, she settled upon a fairy theme.  Very appropriate, don’t you think, for a 5th birthday party?

HHP FairyParty_0028And Pinterest is a treasure trove of fairy party ideas!  Unfortunately, many of them didn’t work for us in real life.  Our fairy dust came out black instead of pink.  I needed a net to ward bugs off the snack table.  And our toadstool cupcakes, while wildly delicious, needed some explanation.Untitled-2-3Untitled-1 But, in the end, I think we put together a beautiful party… on Pinterest.  And in real life, we had a great time with friends who cared more about celebrating with us than about how red our icing turned out.  All the big sisters did a beautiful job with the face painting.  The boys made a super-fun train track.  And Sabine and I spent wonderful hours licking that icing bowl together as we prepared for the big day!HHP FairyParty_0017 HHP FairyParty_0014HHP FairyParty_0025 HHP FairyParty_0031 HHP FairyParty_0030b HHP FairyParty_0021If you’re like me, you might want to call my party-planning-, party-designing- savvy friends at Hudson Valley Ceremonies, Cinderella4ADay, Floral Fantasies by Sara and A Night in Bloom, for whom I have *even more* renewed respect!

HHP FairyParty_0039-Hillary

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