Sara and Peter in DUMBO, Brooklyn

This past Saturday, I was in Brooklyn photographing Sara and Peter’s wedding.  Sara is the twin sister of Adrienne, whose wedding to David I photographed last May.  It was so exciting to see her again on her wedding day.  And what a wedding it was!

Adrienne was the one hailing the cab.  But I asked Sara to put up her arm as if she were doing it, for the sake of the picture.  After watching people admire Sara, then jump into the only available cab around before she could get to it, we almost gave up the idea of a yellow cab altogether.  But that was when one stopped for us.  I rode in the front, to capture Sara and Adrienne through the window.

Sara’s look was amazing – how the flowers mimicked the appliques on her dress and shoes, the texture of the fur coat, and the rich purples and reds, which were carried through in Peter’s tie and boutonniere and with the decor at the party.

DUMBO is one of my all-time favorite places to shootI brought the bridal party to a cobblestone street where I had made this image a few years ago.  The rest of the formal portraits were done on the Fulton Ferry Landing, with the Manhattan skyline and the Brooklyn Bridge as a backdrop.

The ceremony was held at The Barge.  The sun streamed in the windows and, with the shades down, we could see the Manhattan skyline behind Sara and Peter as they were wed.

After the ceremony, I took both families outside for a big group shot on the bow with the sunset.  Then I made this one.

We walked together over to the Dumbo Loft where the reception was being held, making photos.  On the way, I spied this white Vespa.  I asked Sara and Peter to sit together on it.  It was such an interesting complement to their classic look.

The Loft was just amazing.  Sara and Peter had decorated it with Christmas lights and hanging red and purple lanterns.  And the party itself was so much fun. Armed with an iPod, Peter had put together a fantastic song list, and their friends and family didn’t hesitate. Peter is an actor, and many of his fellow cast members were there to help keep everything going!

All in all, it was a very inspiring day, and I was so pleased to be part of it!


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