Rachel Getting a Wedding Album

Last week I delivered a handmade wedding album to Rachel and Julius, one of my fantastic wedding couples from last summer.  Rachel & Julius were married at Cole Hill Farm Estate in Marbletown, and it was their wedding that was featured in Hudson Valley Magazine last January.  Around Christmas, Rachel & Julius came to the studio and worked with me on the design for their album.  We spent a few hours, poring over their picture choices, editing some more, adding others in, choosing matts that would work with the images (both in terms of orientation and in telling the story of their wedding day).  And now it has finally come to fruition.  Their book is the last of its kind: the Ambiance album.  Just days after placing the order for the supplies, I learned that the manufacturer was discontinuing the line.  It was so sad to me.

Rachel and Julius chose a photo inlaid cover, where a print is adhered to a silver plate in the vinyl.

All the images in the album were custom-made.  I  went over the digital files again, perfecting them and retouching, where necessary.  The black & whites on this page were hand-printed from film in the darkroom.  The prints were taped into the matts, and the whole thing adhered to the page, exactly like the design we’d created.

I’ve been working with this book for years.  It’s such a lovely matted album: beautiful binding, high-quality, white core matts with great styles to choose from, nice options for the cover.  Sigh.  But I already know what book I’ll offer to replace this album.  It’s another gorgeous matted album, really well-made with even more cover options and matts to choose from.  I can’t wait to make a sample of it and begin to show it off!  Let me know if you want to see…


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