Ian and Kathleya at Shandelee Lake Inn

The other day I drove out to Shadalee Lake, where Ian and Kathleya will be getting married in July.

The lake was a short walk through some beautiful woods, and when we got there, it was breath-taking.  This is where we’ll do some pictures of Ian and Kathleya alone on their wedding day.

We walked around the Inn and grounds for a Site Viewing, and I brought along my camera to make a few engagement portraits of them, after our tour.

You could tell that one of Kathleya’s best friends is also a photographer – she just glows in front of the camera.  Obviously, Ian found that contagious.

This was essentially a Site Viewing/Engagement Shoot: an opportunity to talk about the plans for the wedding at the site, where things will happen, what our options are for picture locations, what the plan is if it rains, looking at the light at that time of day – snapping just a few pictures during.

I generally include a Site Viewing when someone is getting married at a venue where I’ve never been before.  It helps me to see the space ahead of time and begin to think about ideas for pictures.  Plus, we can chat about what the couple is looking for and what their ideas are for pictures.  Adding on an Engagement Shoot to that seemed so perfect, so I’m now going to offer a special discount to everyone who would like to do that!  Ask me about turning your Site Viewing into a Site Viewing/Engagement Shoot!

Thanks, Ian and Kathleya!  I’m looking forward to seeing you again on your wedding day!


4 thoughts on “Ian and Kathleya at Shandelee Lake Inn

  1. thanks for these shots of Shandelee Lake. I grww up on the Lake and have not been there in almost 50 years. There are very few pictures on the internet and my family lost almost all of their photo’s.
    Duncan Shockley

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