Super Swanky New Sample Album

My newest sample album just arrived, and I am in love!

I made the book using my favorite 100 photos from Sara and Peter‘s wedding.  I thought it would be nice to have a book to show prospective couples that is entirely one wedding, start to finish.  Most of my other books are a collection of favorite shots from over the years, which allows prospective couples an opportunity to get to know my eye and my versatility in responding to the variety of styles and personalities I photograph.  With this new book, I wanted to offer the opportunity to see what a whole wedding photographed by me looks like and also how an album with just one wedding lays out.

This is a flush-mount, coffee-table album, so you can really chock it full of images, but it doesn’t feel crowded.  100 images was the perfect amount, allowing for some great collaged designs…

…those classic layouts people have always love in my matted albums…

…plus room for full panoramas.

The book comes in this lovely, plush leather box.

And it has a lifetime warranty.

The best part is that every page spread has a seamless binding, so you can do full-page, panoramic designs throughout the album, without worrying about the image being disrupted!

I chose the silk brocade cover for the sample, which was a hard decision because there were so many options (various leathers, various fabrics, tons of colors, patterns and styles!), but it seemed to work so well with Sara and Peter‘s day, plus offered something a little different from the usual wedding album.

And even better, the silk brocade is still imprint-able!  Obviously, this isn’t what one might choose to say, but…

If you’re interested in seeing the book first-hand, give me a call.


all images copyright 2010 hillary harvey photography

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