Zach and Briar’s wedding at the Highlands Country Club

Briar went to the same middle/high school as I did, but I didn’t know her back then, as she was in the middle while I was in the high.  I won’t go into the specifics.  Let’s just say I met her again briefly at Rachel & Julius‘ wedding while making a photo of Rachel with her high school friends.  A couple months later, I got an email from Zach that they would be married this year and would like me to do the photography!  They live in San Diego, so I never even met Zach until the big day!  And what a big day it was, at the lovely Highlands Country Club with its gorgeous front porch, which makes you feel like you’re somewhere in Georgia, and its stunning ballroom that manages to feel really cozy.

It’s fun to notice wedding trends.  While I had never seen it before Mary‘s wedding, Briar’s maid of honor wore a low, side ponytail.  It was totally classy.  And just like Sara, Briar went for a red and purple color theme, which was carried through in her bridal party’s attire and the flowers.  But every wedding is different, too: Briar’s cake was a fantastically unique hexagonal shape, and there’s nothing like a tiny bride rapping at the end of the night!

And thanks to Rachel & Julius, and their wonderful wedding day, which brought us all together again.

Throughout the day I could see that Zach and Briar were not only newly wed, but very old friends.

Such a wonderful day!


all images copyright Hillary Harvey 2010

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