Christina and Justin, Wedding at the Clermont State Historic Site

The other weekend I got to photograph the wedding of Christina and Justin at the Clermont State Historic Site.  The Clermont is just gorgeous, situated right on the Hudson River, with these endless rolling hills and loveliness.  And the way Christina and Justin used the space was just cool – as are they!  Justin created a maze around the ceremony site, using the guest chairs, so Christina would walk around the entire space for her aisle.  Then family and friends were sitting in a circle around them as they wed.  We used the river as a backdrop for the family pictures, and then Christina, Justin and I rode around the grounds on a golf cart (me, hanging onto the back with my cameras balanced on the cargo space like it was Adventure Wedding Photography) to do private photos in the gardens.

I just loved Christina’s no-nonsense look when she stared the camera down.  It made her look like a fashion model.  And with the Celtic-pagan influences,  Justin’s dreds and their island-themed party, it translated into a totally spectacular day to make pictures.

I sort of fell in love with the lighting in the tent, which was ironic because Christina and Justin has made special arrangements to have the tent lit.  But at the time of the reception, the lighting failed and never went on all night.  So we were left with the candle centerpieces (stroke of luck or genius or both!) and the DJ’s colored lights.  Somehow the blue and purple lights worked so perfectly with Christina and Justin’s mood, and it looked fantastic.   I had so much fun with it.

Plus they were the sweetest people, giving me and my assistant, Arielle, honored seats at Justin’s brothers’ table with our very own placards.  But then again, I got the feeling that Christina and Justin honor everyone.

Here’s to you guys!


all images are copyright 2010 Hillary Harvey

7 thoughts on “Christina and Justin, Wedding at the Clermont State Historic Site

  1. Hillary, you did a fabulous job and I know I had a great time with you during our pictures. You captured the event and people wonderfully. Thank you for all your help!!!

    1. Thank you! And you did an awesome job with those four boys of yours! Really warm and fun people. Congratulations again on your lovely new daughter-in-law!

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