June Film

Maybe it’s the texture or the way natural light edges things, but there’s just something so classy about film.  I could never give it up.  When I was in college years (and years) ago, everything was shot on film.  I’d process batches and rolls of it in trays with this elaborate system for getting the water temperature just right.  Every print I had was handmade in the darkroom.  So it is with a nod to where I got my start as much as my inability to let go of an old love that I shoot a few rolls of black & white film at each wedding I photograph.  And somehow, while everything else in photography seems to be moving at lightning speed, film production and processing seems to have slowed: it’s never back in time to include in these blog posts.  So here is a little collection of some of my favorite recent shots on film…

In the past I’ve had brides who loved this all black & white look, and we did an entire matted wedding album with handmade darkroom prints from black & white film and custom pro lab prints from converted color files.  Similarly, I just booked a Labor Day weekend wedding where the bride, an artist, has asked me to shoot the majority of her wedding on film!  It’s going to be so lovely!


all images are copyright 2010 hillary harvey

4 thoughts on “June Film

  1. I’m really excited about yours, too, Lynne! That little circular stone patio near the garden photographed so nicely in color. I can’t wait to see what we got out of it in black & white! Coming soon, watch this spot!

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