Lisa and Sam, Wedding at West Park Winery

I didn’t get to have too much contact with Lisa and Sam before their wedding day.  They both just finished college in Ohio and were planning their wedding in between classes and finals!  I met Lisa once last year with her mom and her aunt when they came to my studio.  So it was a great treat to get to see Lisa a few times during the week of her wedding.  She stopped by one day to chat about her picture list and all the final details.  And when Sam came into town that Wednesday, Lisa brought him over to look at album options and to chat some more.  I quickly noticed that while Lisa was casually glamorous (read: gorgeous) and friendly when Sam wasn’t there, she was also really witty and animated when he was.  So I knew one thing for sure: Lisa and Sam weren’t just in love, they were really best friends.  They seemed to bring out the spunk in each other, and when I got to their wedding day festivities at West Park Wine Cellars, my quick deduction proved to be correct.

I could tell by all the sunny daisies they used to decorate, by the way they lit up when they made cute faces for my camera, by the toy cake topper and the make-your-own-sundae bar and the personalized wine bottles that they gave as gifts to their guests – Lisa and Sam had fun together.  And when Sam did an awesome riff on Beyonce’s Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It), Lisa looked like this sort of thing happened all the time.  I tried to make happy, fun pictures to match their style.  Here are some of my favorites from the day…

Happy wedding to Lisa and Sam, happy marriage to you!


all images copyright 2010 hillary harvey

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