Ian and Kathleya, Wedding at Shandelee Lake Inn

According to his brother during the toast, Ian and Kathleya were neighbors living in the same NYC apartment building when they started to hang out and become friends.  So their choice of wedding location was a perfect culmination of their meeting story: the Inn was theirs for the whole weekend, and with 27 rooms reserved just for their guests, it was just like a big, fun apartment building in Manhattan that’s stacked with all your friends.

Ian and Kathleya’s day was super-friendly like that: with big, round tables in a small dining room, Kathleya’s sister playing the ceremony music, a pinata, and lots of time to hang out and chat.  Everything was simultaneously elegant and quirky, a delicate combination that Ian and Kathleya seemed to balance with ease – from the traditional Thai leis to the Beatles album cover table assignments to the personal mini-key lime pies to Kathleya’s gorgeous dress bustle.  I loved that moment when Alex sat down alone at a picnic table to review his notes for his speech.  Everything was just so heartfelt.

This shot was made on my father-in-law’s old 2 1/4 twin lens Yashicamat, which I had restored years ago (after my husband and his siblings co-opted it as a Star Wars spaceship – the blasphemy!).  Although, it tends to be a little too slow for shooting with at weddings, I use the camera all the time for my fine art series.  But after meeting with Ian and Kathleya a few times and doing their engagement shoot, I knew it would be a nice touch for their wedding day.

Here’s to borrowing a cup of sugar from your neighbor!


all images are copyright 2010 Hillary Harvey

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