Heather and Tim, Wedding at Woodmont Day Camp

Long story… shortened.  Heather and Tim came to my studio last February.  We did their engagement shoot in May and, after that, Heather contacted me on the sly to do a secret photo shoot.  She was going to make a special present to give to Tim on their wedding night!  As it turned out, Heather was a bit of a DIY maven, and it was during our secret gift project that I learned more about what was in store for their wedding.  Heather would sometimes email me about finishing various decorations she was making, and by the week before her wedding, we were regularly chatting back and forth via email.  So by the time the big day arrived, I was also ridiculously excited.  And with good reason!  Check it out…

Heather made everything!  From the bouquets (hers was felted!) to the ring bearers’ carrying pieces (nests) to the table decorations (gerber daisy bouquets and birdhouse table numbers) to the cake’s topper (two little birds) to the party favors (pictures of the couple from over the years strung on a line).  The camp theme was elegantly done – the obvious backdrop infused with little hints, like old-school lunch baggies with campfire print, the guys in counselor-inspired garb (short shirt sleeves and flipflops! – now that’s some happy groomsmen), birds and birdhouses and nests adorning everything, and even the folksy Mr and Mrs signs at their sweetheart table.  All that delicious DIY work!  Heather and Tim even invited a DJ from Philly to spin (literally, like with records) at their party.  With her birdcage veil, his and hers handmade felted flowers, and a wedding dress with pockets!, theirs ended up a really warm, sweet wedding.

Heather and Tim have been together since high school and a lot of their old friends were in their wedding party.  The day after her wedding, Heather wrote  an email to thank me for my hard work and to say how incredible it was building relationships and working so closely with us all for so long.  She even befriended the newly engaged woman in the airplane seat next to her on her way to her honeymoon and recommended me to her!  Heather obviously makes friends for life.  So it’s no wonder that I miss her already.

I am so incredibly happy for you guys!  Congratulations again and again and again!


all images copyright 2010 hillary harvey

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