Adrianne and Robert, wedding at the Poughkeepsie Grandview

In July one of my talented colleagues, Judi Esmond, photographed a really fun wedding for my studio.  The ceremony was at St. John’s Church in Woodstock (Father George is the best!) with a reception at the Poughkeepsie Grandview.  Judi told me about Adrianne’s great smile, how sweet she and Robert were together, and their totally fun photo shoot down by the Poughkeepsie bridge with the bridal party.  Judi’s been shooting weddings for almost a decade, but this marks just the second year that she’s been on my team.  We decided to join forces last year when we realized how much we love to work together, how similar are our shooting styles, and how great it would be if HHP could cover more ground!  She had so much fun with Adrianne and Robert and their lovely families on their wedding day.  Check it out…

Judi said that the weather was absolutely beautiful – the perfect temperature on a bright and sunny day.  The view from the cocktail hour was breath-taking.  The DJ did an amazing job, with non-stop dancing and really fun and unusual games that kept the party going strong.  The kissing contest was a huge hit!  And everyone got into it.  Adrianne’s dad even did an impersonation of Tom Jones that had everyone in doubled-over in hysterics!  Judi shot everything with both digital and film media, which makes every image look uniquely realized for that particular moment, I think.

And after the ceremony, the guests threw birdseed!

Congratulations to you, Adrianne and Robert!  Thank you for choosing us at HHP!


all images are copyright 2010 judi esmond for hhp

5 thoughts on “Adrianne and Robert, wedding at the Poughkeepsie Grandview

  1. Hello, I was the DJ at this wedding! Judi was right! We could not have asked for a better day to celebrate this wedding! Great food, great fun and of course, an excellent photographer! It was a pleasure to work with Judi and I’d like to thank your team for the great review above!

    Thank You,
    Morgan Hill Sound & Productions

  2. Rob and I want to thank you Judi for fabulous pictures, Hillary for setting us up with Judi, and Joe and Sam for the great music and fun.

  3. I truly had a fantastic time with a beautiful couple and joyous celebration. I must mention the immense feeling of love that surrounded all parts of the day. I think that is what made it so great. Rob and Adrianne, it was a pleasure! And Joe again, great job!

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