Michelle and Lou, Wedding at Belvedere Mansion

I haven’t been to the Belvedere in years, but I used to work there all the time when I shot with the wildly talented Cynthia DelConte.  I’ve seen so many gorgeous images made there, so I was excited to be invited back to photograph Michelle and Lou’s wedding.  The renovations to the tented reception area outside are so lovely.   And this was my first time seeing the ceremony performed beside the pond.  With Michelle and Lou’s warm families and amazingly helpful (and lovely) bridesmaids, it was really one in a million!

Some of the greatest things about Michelle and Lou’s day were the little touches: the purse Michelle carried that had lace and fabric stitched to it from her family’s previous brides, the lemonade stand beside the ceremony location, the guys in their dress-casual garb, the candy favors table that Michelle’s mom put together.  It really inspired all the guests to get into it, as evidenced by the great dance performed by one of Michelle’s longtime friends from grammar school.  And how could they not?  The DJ spun virtual records on this totally state-of-the-art mixing setup!  My favorite unique touch (of the many) was the guest book, which had little envelopes glued into the pages so that guests could write a note to the couple and place it into an envelope inside the book.  I can imagine how much fun it was to sit together reading the notes from their families and friends on their luxurious 2-week-long honeymoon! (Update: Michelle told me that she MADE that book!  She got the idea for that DIY project from Martha.  Isn’t Martha the best?!)

Such fun!  Congratulations to a really lovely couple!


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