Linda and Brian, Wedding at Shadow Lawn

I have a new venue to add to my top ten favorite list: Shadow Lawn.  With the chic remodeled red barn, lovely yard, fun road bisecting the property and the totally fab designer B&B next door, what’s not to love?  My only complaint is that Shadow Lawn has been doing weddings for as long as I have, and this is the only first time I’ve ever been there – all those pictures I could’ve made!  The way the sunlight plays throughout the property, the amazing nooks and crannies waiting to be photographed, I was completely inspired (to the point of madness) for the entirety of Linda and Brian’s wedding.  Add gorgeous Linda with all her great taste and Brian’s down-to-Earth friendliness, and you’ve got the perfect day!

So many great elements went into making the wedding so fantastic.  Linda and Brian really picked some great vendors to work with.  Aside from all the stellar design touches that the guys at the venue created, the floral design was incredible, the food was delicious, and there was this unbelievable bluegrass band that covered ’80s songs!  Add the couches made of covered hay bales (Linda says she got the idea online somewhere and Brian made them), the little dog dressed in a tux and, of course, Linda’s amazing look (she reminded me somehow of SJP, especially in that last photo).  I loved the hot pink color themes that pulled it all together, and all those neat lighting effects: the mason jar luminaires, the bare bulbs, the horseshoe-shaped pinlights on the dance floor. It all came together with a lot of fun to feel like a high-end country affair.

Linda suggested doing the formals at the remains of a stone house that once stood on the property.  It was perfect, just like everything else.

Thanks, you two, for having me there!


all images are copyright 2010 hillary harvey

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