Eileen and Mike, engagement shoot in NYC Central Park

Mike and Eileen are getting married on New Year’s Eve.  They have a whole night of fun planned for their family and friends, including, Eileen hopes, a little dusting of snow to fall during the reception, briefly.  She giggles when she says that, and I get the feeling that whatever happens, at the end of the day, Eileen and Mike will just be happy to be together.  They seem to enjoy that, as you can see from the engagement photos we made a couple weeks ago in Central Park…

I love how the photos tell the story of our romp through the park.  We had so much fun, and I loved spending the afternoon with them.  Mike and Eileen were up for anything – walking down a path, climbing up a wall, rolling in the grass.  We talked a lot about their wedding day, even taking a little trip uptown to the church where they’ll be getting married in a few months.  It was a great opportunity to play with different angles so we can get to know what they like, plus it was just great getting used to all being together making pictures.  I know that on their wedding day, everything will be that much smoother now that we’ve broken the ice, so to speak.

And now I can’t wait for the wedding!


all images are copyright 2010 hillary harvey



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