Roots & Shoots

My older daughter just started a Roots & Shoots group recently.  We’ve been having fun doing community service and environmental projects.  And I’ve been having fun photographing it all.  My daughter, Zoe, has always been my best muse.

One of our recent activities was to clean up the beach at Kingston Point Park – where I had just done Katy and David’s engagement shoot the day before – and to start little knitted blankets, which we’ll donate to a local no-kill animal shelter (thanks to Nicole, who mentioned the idea when we did her site viewing in preparation for her wedding).

At our meeting yesterday, we wrote letters to Secretary Hillary Clinton, asking her to attend the Tiger Summit in Russia this month, and to our NY Senators asking them to support the Global Conservation Act of 2010.

I just wanted to share these pictures because it’s another love of mine to photograph children, and I really liked what I grabbed here.


all images are copyright 2010 hillary harvey

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