Ed and Mitzie, wedding at Opus 40

I am a lucky lady.  I really have the coolest clients.  So often, they are creative themselves.  Go-getters and laid back all at the same time.  They are usually just totally fun to be around, not to mention to photograph!  All of that is so incredibly true of Ed and Mitzie.

I’m not sure when exactly I fell in love with Ed and Mitzie.  Maybe it was when they first came to my studio to look at my portfolio and told me that they were planning their wedding to take place entirely during the daylight.  Or maybe it was when I ran into Mitzie at various times in the neighborhood (she lives around the corner from me).  Or maybe it was when we met up a couple weeks before the wedding at a neighborhood restaurant to finalize plans for their day, and I just had too much fun chatting with them.  But my devotion to Ed and Mitzie was most definitely solidified at their wedding when I met their lovely families and friends and saw it all come together.  I was completely inspired by Ed and Mitzie, and I hope the pictures show it.

Mitzie did most of the event design herself, inspired by different traditions.  I heard that when Ed proposed, Mitzie began to make 1000 origami cranes, a Japanese tradition, and used them in her decor.  She made them in a beautiful gold color, and then incorporated that color into various other elements. Nodding to their Celtic heritages, Ed and Mitzie also dressed their tables with similarly-colored tartans and employed the ever-talented Richmond to play bagpipes during the ceremony and beforehand. I loved her sunny, happy bouquet and how the bridesmaids carried sunflower parasols. Best of all had to be the super-fun choreographed first dance, and the beer cart with local beer, complete with tap.

Opus 40 itself was totally inspiring, too.  I have a long history with the place, having explored there with my sister as little girls when our dad brought us to various festivals, and then photographing weddings and portraits there as an adult.  It was really fun to re-explore it all with Ed and Mitzie.  They’d arranged things so that we had time together before the guests arrived.  We made a moment out of their seeing each other for the first time, all dressed for the wedding, then did some bridal party shots, then went into the maze.  It was a totally fun and relaxed way to start the event, and left them the rest of the day to spend with their families and guests.

A month later, I saw Ed and Mitzie again at Greg and Christa’s wedding (pictures coming soon!).  They had just returned from their amazing honeymoon, sailing in Indonesia (jealous!), and were just radiating a contagious happiness.  While I’m sorry to see Mitzie leave the neighborhood, I know she and Ed will take good care of each other in the years to come.


all images are copyright 2010 hillary harvey

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