Katie and Jason, pregnancy shoot

When I first got to college freshman year, I found the dorm where I was assigned to live on campus.  I started to unload my things, and one of the upper classmen came in to say hello and welcome me.  When it was time to go to the dining hall, he came back with another of the new arrivals, and we all went for dinner together.  The upper classman and I were married about five years later, and the other freshman was Jason, our first mutual friend.  After college, Jason got together with Katie, another friend from our class.  Their wedding was the first time I ever cried from happiness.

Now Jason and Katie are awaiting the arrival of their first baby.  Any minute now, actually.  So a couple weeks ago, I went to their apartment in the city and made some portraits of them, to document this really special (and fleeting) moment in their life together.

Katie is also Godmother to my younger daughter, and one shot similar to this includes her smiling as Sabine hands her a book.  It was fun to see the look on Katie’s face as she interacted with a little one.  She’s going to be an awesome mom!

Thinking of you guys.


all images are copyright 2010 hillary harvey

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