Robin and Chris, wedding party at the Inn at Stone Ridge

Robin and Chris were married earlier this summer, and Robin’s dad wanted to throw them a party.  So Robin put together this amazingly well-designed, hip and artful vintage garden party at the Inn at Stone Ridge.  (OMG, I love it there, ever since I photographed (new parents!!!) Adrienne and Dave and their wedding there last year.)  Robin’s plan was brilliant, like everything else: she invited me to do a long portrait session and detail shots before the guests arrived, and then to photograph the party.  And it was so fun.  Robin had so many ideas for pictures, and we had a great time collaborating.  She really stretched my repertoire, for which I will always be grateful!

Robin used her own collection of antiques to decorate the tablesThen she DIY’d it!  I loved all the paperwork: there were handwritten notes on each favor, little quizzes and games for the guests, and a wishing tree where guests could pin up their advice for the couple.  And everything smelled amazing!  There were lavender sprigs incorporated into the bouquet, the boutonniere and the centerpieces.  There were baskets of lavender and a path of dried petals leading up to the tent.  With hanging candles inside the tent and jam jar and paper lanterns out, it was all so beautiful!

Thanks, you guys, for a really fun event!


all images are copyright 2010 hillary harvey

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