Design Time

Chris and Jessica were married in October 2009 at Cole Hill Farm.  Their wedding was a lovely mix of American, Celtic and Native American traditions.  I remember it well because it POURed all day long!  And Chris and Jess just smiled all day long, and their families put on their Wellies and had fun all day long.  And it was a really great wedding.

Just around their first year anniversary, I sent them their wedding album…

Chris and Jess chose the red leather matted album.  The leather is this plush stuff from Italy that you just want to curl up with.  It smells so yummy!

Inside the book, handmade black & white darkroom prints (from negatives) live alongside high-quality pro lab color or b/w prints (from hi-res digital files).

The matts are heavy-weight double matts, so a little white core creates a beautiful visual frame around each picture.

With the wrapped, sewn seams in a white contrast color, it’s just a lovely thing.

And then another example of a recent design is the thank-you card I made for Michelle and Lou, who were married this past August.

Michelle chose the picture of herself and Lou with all their family and guests that we shot at the end of cocktails in front of the Belvedere on the front of the oversized postcard…

and a picture of them alone on the back with this cute border we downloaded from Martha (via Grooms Sold Separately), and room to write her message.

The cards came with plain white envelopes, so they resembled more of a double-sided notecard rather than a postcard or traditional folded thank-you card.  It felt really fun and modern, just like their wedding.  Michelle recently wrote in a review of my photography services for The Knot that they were beautiful, which made me so, so happy!

Happy anniversary to Chris and Jess!  And congratulations again to Michelle and Lou!


all images are copyright 2010 hillary harvey


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