Jenna and Tim, Engagement at Saugerties Light House and Wedding at the Lazy Swan

When I first talked to Jenna and Tim, they were just engaged, and what we were talking about was doing their engagement photos.  Jenna thought they’d try out a shoot with me, and then we might talk about their wedding.  I thought this was a brilliant idea.  It’s a unique opportunity for me to meet someone for a shoot rather than a sit-down interview over my samples.  Not only would I get to really show them how I work, but they’d also get some awesome photos out of it!  We went to the Saugerties Light House for our session.  It was right around this time, last year (which was pre-blog, so I’ll post a collage from that shoot here), and it was cold and sunny and lovely.

We had so much fun together – trying this spot, that angle, climbing around on the ice and the snow.  By the end of our time together, I was seriously hoping they would ask me to photograph their wedding because they were just so fun.  Luckily, they felt the same and hired me on the spot.

Fast forward about ten months, Jenna and Tim were just the same on their wedding day: mellow, sweet, gracious and so full of love.  And I could see where they got it from because their parents were the same.  And their friends and families reiterated that vibe.  It was heaven to be with them and photograph their day!

Jenna and Tim got another beautiful day with gorgeous weather.  Perfect for walking from her parents’ house in Glasco to their family church for the ceremony.  And perfect for doing lots of sunny pictures of them with their bridal party on the golf course at the Lazy Swan in Saugerties.  The Lazy Swan is a new venue, and it was amazing to see that ballroom.  It was done top-shelf with awesome lighting and a really cool octagonal dance floor in the center of the room.  The party went into over-time.  Of course!

I loved how everything photographed in black & white, especially.  It really seemed to capture how beautifully Jenna and Tim were embracing the traditions of a wedding, and at the same time, really making it their own.

There were so many great moments, and the details of a wedding are my favorite things to photograph because they make each wedding story come alive.  I loved how Jenna and Tim had each other’s fingerprints inscribed inside their rings – a nod to Tim’s work as a State Trooper in Maine.  (That makes five police officers’ weddings for me this year!)  But my favorite detail, of course, was seeing the engagement photo I printed for Jenna and Tim framed and decorating a table at the reception.

Here’s to many gorgeous days ahead of you two!


all images are copyright 2010 hillary harvey

5 thoughts on “Jenna and Tim, Engagement at Saugerties Light House and Wedding at the Lazy Swan

  1. Hi Hillary:
    Joann Bacci (of The Lazy Swan) forwarded your e-mail to me. I would love to post your blog link on our FB page. This would be a great way to let other brides know of your photography services. If you would like to see our FB page we are: THE LAZY SWAN GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB VILLAGE.

    Thanks so much for contacting us. Please let me know if that works for you.

    1. Hi Anita,

      I’d love that! And I’m sure Jenna and Tim would get a kick out of that. It’s posted on my FB page, too – Hillary Harvey Photography. Thanks! I hope to work with you all again soon. The Lazy Swan is gorgeous… and yummy!


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