Nicole and Allen, wedding in Cragsmoor and Middletown

Nicole and Allen were friends in high school, but they didn’t begin to date until afterwards.  You could see that long-term friendship beneath their kisses at their wedding.  The whole day was sweet.  Nicole’s parents have a country cabin balanced on the precipice of this incredible view of the valley.  And the Old Stone Church was barely a short walk down the road.  (When I drove up to the church for our site viewing in late summer, I literally said out loud, “That can’t be real.”  There was this lovely stone arch outside the church, framing the blue sky, and the color and the view were just too cinematic.  I started to get really excited.)  With the brilliant sunshine that Nicole and Allen got on their wedding day (so much fun to make interesting shadow pictures with), it was all really perfect.

Nicole and Allen planned for a lot of formals with their family and friends.  We did them after the receiving line, outside the church, and they had all these  ideas for fun, unfussy photos.  They also factored in some down-time between the ceremony and their reception so that we could have time to play with pictures on the golf course.  And then there were the ones that just flowed naturally within the party.  Pictures almost seemed to be the theme because they also had set up my favorite thing: a table with old family wedding photos, labeled with people’s names.  I just loved the signature cocktails that described their personalities, and the old-fashioned setup with shakers and  picturesque garnish.  And their tribute to their urban-upbringings in the form of the NYC skyline carved in chocolate around the base of their cake.  I was hired to photograph for 10 hours, and it was all so much fun.

Thanks for having me there.  Congratulations again!


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