Christa & Greg, wedding at Locust Grove and Vassar

By the time Christa and Greg got married at Vassar College’s Alumni House, they had already been together for a long, long time.  (And Greg’s best man entertained everyone with that fact during his toast.)  Greg and Christa brought this sense of fun to the whole day – jumping into leaves with the junior groomsmen, looking seductively goddess-like on the porch at the Samuel Morse House, etc.   It was clear that all Greg and Christa wanted was to have a great time at every point of the day, including during the formal pictures! Because they were already solidly a couple sharing a life with each other, their wedding day was simply about wrapping that up with a simple ceremony (and some totally adorable knowing looks) and a fluid party – like a bright red cherry on top of a really delicious cake!

Greg works with Main Course caterers, so the food at their wedding was phenomenal!  I made lots of pictures of the gorgeous bamboo plated hors d’oevures and the insanely delicious-looking dessert bar, which reminded me of a Wayne Thiebaud painting.  The presentation of everything overall was really pretty.  I loved the hot pink flowers against the brown table cloths on the tables and the hand-tied calla lily bouquets.  I also had fun, again, with the DJ’s lights during the dancing.  And see if you can find Ed and Mitzie in the table shot above!  (Both couples coincidentally found me on theknot and booked me for their weddings within weeks of each other!) It was fun to see them at each other’s weddings!

Here’s to more and more happy years together, Greg & Christa… this time as husband and wife!


all images are copyright 2010 hillary harvey

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