Laura & Tom, Wedding at Dutchess Manor

It rained that morning, but by the time I got to Dutchess Manor to photograph Laura’s and Tom’s wedding, it was beginning to clear up.  I was making portraits of Tom and his groomsmen when the manager came to ask him what he’d like to do about the ceremony: outdoors or in?  Tom didn’t even hesitate and replied, “What did Laura say?”  When told that she’d like him to make the call, Tom quickly said, “I want to do it outside!”  Later, when I was with Laura in her room, the sun broke through the clouds in a brilliant breath.  Laura’s arms shot up in the air in victory.  Someone said that Tom had called the ceremony for outdoors, and Laura said, “Ok!”

And from there, the day just got better and better.  The sunshine really showed off the amazing colors happening in the trees and the incredible views at the Manor.  And it was all tempered with Laura’s incredible style.  I just loved the peacock feathers adorning everything – they added a splash of iridescence and a beautiful texture to the bouquets, the centerpieces, even the bridesmaids’ hairstyles.  And Laura looked amazing, first in a traditional veil, then changing for the reception into a really cool feather hairpiece – like the peacock feather theme and also like an updated veil!  It was so original.  With her gorgeous smile, she reminded me somehow of Marilyn Monroe – so glamorous and approachable.  And Tom was not just a lucky man, but also great fun!  He had so many fun suggestions for pictures.  It was his idea to do the big group shot at the end of the reception, just after the last song.  It was loose and fun and really captured the feeling of the party.

Oh, that sunshine!

Here’s to many, many more great, sunny days ahead!


all images are copyright 2010 hillary harvey

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