Eileen and Mike, wedding at the Thayer Hotel

Remember Mike and Eileen?  Well, as New Year’s Eve rolled around, it was time for their wedding.  I was pretty excited about it because aside from the regular wedding festivities, their reception at the Thayer Hotel was going to include a live feed of the ball-drop in Times Square.  And the day turned out to be a crazy-fun 11-hour shoot with three photographers on the team and an enormous party with tons of family.  It was awesome.

Eileen’s dress was fresh off the runway from Amsale, and she looked amazing in it.  I loved how Mike and Eileen balanced the classic elements of a wedding (roses and tuxes and a big wedding party) with cutting-edge technology (like the live-feed flatscreen TVs around the dance floor that not only played the ball drop but also showed guests dancing, and the newest “polaroid” cameras from Fuji for an uber-personalized guest book).

Because their guest count was over 200, I brought Judi Esmond to be a dedicated second shooter at their wedding.  This way, our team could cover more ground.  Judi was able to photograph Mike before the ceremony while I photographed Eileen getting ready.  And we had three angles at the church, which was great for their ceremony (none of us needed to move around too much during the proceedings, which made the priest happy).  Plus, Mike and Eileen loved the idea of making photos of everyone as they entered the reception as well as table shots.  With so many people, I wouldn’t have had much time for anything else.  But between me, Judi and Kathryn, we were able to do it all, plus candids and details throughout the party.  These are Judi’s shots from the day, and you can see what a beautiful eye she has.

Happy New Year… and happy new marriage to Mike and Eileen!


All images are copyright 2011 Hillary Harvey and Judi Esmond.

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