I’ve got someone coming in soon to have some headshots made of her son, who is an actor.  I was trying to describe the various backgrounds I use for portraits around my home studio, and I then I realized I could just upload these shots I did recently of Michael, a writer who needed headshots for the conference circuit.  Michael was super-fun to work with, not only because he’s an old friend, but also because he’s a former theater actor, and so getting something deep, dark or different from him was pretty easy.

These shots also show the various options for backgrounds that I can create at my home studio.  The red wall can be done sitting or standing, and creates a dramatic mood.  I love how Michael’s face in the middle picture contrasts that.  Such a ham.  The blue is a brighter and less formal.  You can see it in the photo of my mother with her grandchildren, as well.  The yellow brick is great for a more textured light-colored backdrop, almost white, but a little bit funkier.  And then there’s the white, always versatile and classic… and portable!  Additionally, in my own headshot, which I made here against the unpainted brick, you can get a more urban feel.

Thanks, Michael! P.S.  You’ve got to check out the project Michael and his (totally awesome and gorgeous) wife are doing this year.  It’s totally inspiring!


all images are copyright 2011 hillary harvey

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