Emily and Bradd, Engagement Session on the Rondout

Recently, Emily and Bradd were in town to take care of some wedding business.  They met with florists and sampled food from the caterer.  And one of the items on their to-do list was their engagement session with me.  At first, we toyed with the idea of doing the photo shoot up at Full Moon, where they’d be getting married in a few months.  It would be an opportunity to explore the place together, and then their wedding photos (with them all dressed up) can go side-by-side with the engagement ones (where they’ll be more casually dressed) for a fun look.

Emily preferred the idea of doing something completely different for the engagement photos.  I suggested they come to my neighborhood on the Rondout in Kingston where there’s lots of fun urban elements mixed with really pretty waterfront scenery.  I was psyched when she went for that idea.  I’ve been dying to do a shoot here.  As I’ve walked around the neighborhood during the last two years I’ve lived here, I’m constantly seized by inspiration at every turn.  It’s one of the reasons we bought the place.  And when Bradd and Emily came over to do the shoot, it was just like that.  Especially with their easy-going personalities (and really good looks), I could have made photos of them for the rest of the day, if they’d let me!

I love all the doorways around the block, how they go from urban decay to historic renovation in the time it takes to walk to the next building.  We went onto the suspension bridge walkway (the oldest bridge in Kingston!) for that cool juxtaposition between steel and river views.  Our walk was relaxed and meandering (although I secretly had a planned route), and Bradd and Emily were open to it all.  I got to photograph them just really being together and enjoying each other.  With their adorable dog, Logan, of course, who is going to be at the wedding.  He was such a great model!  I think he’s actually smiling in some of them!

I can’t wait to see the rest of Emily’s tattoo, which she said would be featured in her wedding day look!  And to see them both again on the big day!


all images are copyright 2011 hillary harvey

4 thoughts on “Emily and Bradd, Engagement Session on the Rondout

  1. Hillary,
    You are so talented!!! These pictures are awesome, so GOOD! I knew that suggesting you was one of the best parts of my invlovment in Em’s wedding! I was so sure & these pictures are evidence of how you really have an eye for capturing the moment. I can feel the love between the two of them & I love that Log got to be a part of it. Thank you for your talent, the picures actually made me tear up a bit at the thought of Em’s wedding & the happiness that I feel for both of them.


    1. You’re so sweet, Alicia! We had a great time together, and I’m so glad that all the goodness of that came through in the images! When you’re all old and gray together, you’re going to love the pictures even more!

      And thank you so much for recommending me. It’s such a huge compliment, and I take the responsibility of it very seriously. Plus, I’m totally excited that I get to work with such cool cats! I can’t wait to see you all decked out in bridesmaid gear at the wedding! We’re all going to have such a blast!

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