Corporate Headshots for Mosaic Associates

This is kind of a funny story.  I made some corporate candids and headshots with the really fun people at Mosaic a couple of years ago to illustrate their website.  Then I got to shoot their really cool launch party (announcing their rebranding) at this amazing building in Albany that the founders of the company had designed in the very early days.  So when the marketing director, Kelly (whom you may recognize), called again in 2009 to do headshots of everyone in the company, I wrung my hands when I had to say that I couldn’t do it.  You see, I was almost 8 months pregnant by that time and figured the job, even with an assistant, might be too much.  Turns out, it was a good thing we didn’t go ahead with it because I ended up having the baby (three and a half weeks early) maybe five days after we were thinking of scheduling the shoot!  That would have been quite an exciting photo shoot!  Lucky for me, Kelly called again this winter, and we finally got to do the shoot.  I hope they agree that it was worth the wait.  I know my daughter, Sabine, does!Hillary

all images are copyright 2011 hillary harvey

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