Bethany Saltman, author portrait and mini-family session

A couple years ago, I made a quick headshot of Bethany Saltman to accompany her new column in Chronogram Magazine.  Actually, our friendship began when I became obsessed with her Chronogram blog on Buddhist motherhood, which then turned into her column for the print mag.  So a couple weeks ago, I went to Bethany’s house to make another.  We wanted to recreate the idea that was used originally – a visual representation of the fact that the column is about Bethany’s experience as a mother, and simultaneously features Azalea at least as a secondary character.  We wanted to update it, and to include a visual reference to Buddhism.  It was a fun challenge.

The last few shots of our session were for the fam.  By that time, Azalea had been a really good sport for a really long time, so I invited her to hug and kiss and tickle her mom, to let out all that pent-up energy she must have been keeping under control while posing.  The release made for some really sweet shots of the two ladies together, which I, for one, am completely in love with.

P.S.  This is a sneak-peak at my snazzy new logo.  Shh…  More on this to come…

all images are copyright 2011 hillary harvey

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