Hugh and Rachel, Wedding at The Kaaterskill Inn

I was excited when Rachel told me about her wedding, and not just because it sounded like it was going to be fabulous.  Although, it did!  But I’ve known Rachel and Hugh as an acquaintance for a few years now (my husband and Rachel went to grad school together), so I’ve seen what a great couple they are.  To hear about their getting married was pretty exciting in and of itself.

But it turned out that I had even more to celebrate because they wanted me to photograph the wedding!  And because Hugh is such a gifted builder, and my house is in need of some TLC, we got to do it as a trade.  Now add in the fact that they were having their wedding at the inspiring Kaaterskill Inn, and that Rachel and Hugh have awesome taste and skills in crafting all the gorgeous elements of their wedding, and you’ve got yourself a really perfect day.  Here are some of my favorites…

There were so many fantastic places at the Inn to photograph.  We had cloudy skies, which helped the light look really open and flattering all day long.  Plus, the way the fog on the mountains behind the ceremony site made them disappear was just mythological.  A bit of rain during the formals kept us from going out to the apple tree for formals, as we had hoped during our site viewing.  But it actually ended up being perfect because then we discovered the cool fire escape and blossoming tree in the front, which we might have otherwise overlooked. 

Hugh and Rachel worked with another friend to create the really fabulous flowers and decorations for the reception barn, which were so festive.  The Inn does these long, family-style tables, which make the space feel even more fun and intimate.  My favorite part was the handmade cufflink lockets that Rachel made for Hugh as a wedding gift, labeled His and Hers with old-fashioned photos inside.

Two craftspeople, both gorgeous, sweet, and fun with some really cool, loyal friends and family.  What did I tell you?  A match made in heaven, right?

Best wishes, you two!


P.S.  Check out my Facebook album to see more pictures from their day.  And take a sneak peak at more photos from Rachel and Hugh’s wedding on my forthcoming new website (still in the construction phase).  Happy looking!

all images are copyright 2011 Hillary Harvey

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