Tessa’s newborn session

WARNING!  The photos of Heather and Tim‘s deliciously adorable new baby contained in this blog post have been known to cause baby lust in viewers, as well as  baby-sister-lust in older children.  (The photographer herself, as well as her two daughters, can attest to having suffered bouts of this while the photographer was editing these images.)  Cases may be mild to severe, so please proceed with caution.  Photographer can claim no liability for resulting pregnancies and newborns that may result from viewing these images, however, please do be in touch if these symptoms should occur as the photographer will rush over with camera in hand and document them!  She does so much love to do that, you know…

Congratulations again to Heather and Tim on your lovely, growing family!


2 thoughts on “Tessa’s newborn session

  1. I just received the disc of all of the photos and got about halfway through before I started crying (as did grandmas, aunts…). The photos of our baby are gorgeous! Hillary is so easy to work with – she came to our house, brought a few props and used our home as a backdrop. By simply choosing locations with good light in our home, she created photos that look as if they were painstakingly crafted in a staged studio. They are all so beautiful and I will cherish them forever. I already have big plans for displaying them and of course, making albums for us and for grandparents! This is the fourth time we have used Hillary for photos of very important events in our life, including our wedding. We will, of course, continue our relationship with her in the future.

    Thanks Hillary

    ~Heather (Tim and Tessa too!)

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