A Ridiculous Amount of Cover Options

Linda needed to see the cover options for the albums I offer so she can choose one for her bride’s book.  So I scanned all the swatches and thought I’d upload them here for everyone to see.  Any of these materials and colors can be used on any size Ambiance or Renaissance style albums.  And the inside pages (as well as the matts for the Ambiance book) can be either black or white.

The Gramercy leather options have a bit of texture to them and a very slight sheen, which is most pronounced on the deep red, least pronounced on the distressed brown.

The Tribeca leather options have some texture to them with a matte finish.

The Chelsea Leather (top 6 swatches) are very bright with less texture and a bright finish that’s between shiny and matte.

The Designer NL (Not Leather) (bottom 6 swatches) have a patterned texture and the design elements within the patterning have a bright sheen finish.

The Madison NL (Not Leather) options have varying textures and sheens.  Black, burgundy, navy blue and all three shades of white have a brighter sheen.  The rest of the colors have minimal to no sheen.  All colors have some element of texture, the matte black being the most pronounced, and the ones with sheen being the least.

The Book NL (Not Leather) options (top 5 swatches) are all matt except for burgundy, which has a sheen finish.  Brown and white are most textured while the rest have slight texture.

The Pastel NL (Not Leather) options (bottom 4 swatches) are all minimally textured with a matte finish.

The Luxesuede options all have a soft, smooth finish, like suede.

The Silk Shantung options are all slightly shiny with slight texture, as silk fabric has.

The Silk Brocade is similar to the Silk Shantung.  The design elements within the fabric have a slight sheen while the rest of the fabric is more matted.  The ivory and chai colors have the most pronounced sheen while truffle, forest and midnight have the least.

Please be in touch with any questions, or to make an appointment to see the swatches and sample books in person!


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