Katie and Sean, Engagement Session in Central Park

Katie and Sean are getting married in September, so we met a couple weeks ago to do their engagement session in Central Park.  Katie and Sean were up for anything, and they liked the idea of having a variety of backgrounds for the pictures, so the park, with its architecture, natural settings, monuments and landmarks, was the perfect place for our shoot.   We had a really great time walking around to the various locations we’d talked about leading up to the shoot.  And Katie had the great idea to use her shoes as a costume change for the different pictures!

I just loved the way Sean and Katie looked together – not only because of how sweet they are with each other, but also how they complement each other in terms of looks.  It ended up being such a cute picture to have little, lovely Katie peek out behind Sean’s great, big frame.

After our shoot, we took a ride out to the Kittle House where they’ll be married.  It was my first time seeing it, so it was pretty exciting.  It’s a beautiful little mansion tucked away in Westchester, and it was great to chat with the event manager there to see what her ideas were.  I can already tell how inspiring it’ll be to see Katie and Sean all dressed up and ready to be wed there in just a few months!

Can’t wait!


P.S.  There are even more images from their shoot on Facebook!

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