Emily and Bradd, Wedding at Full Moon Resort

Ever since our very fun engagement shoot last spring, I have been very excited to see Emily and Bradd again.  Finally, the day came and, as I was driving up to Full Moon, it started to rain.  But by the time I got there, it had stopped, and the sky was giving way to those thick clouds that cast a bright, even light over everything.  When I went in to say hello to Emily, she said, “We’re going for it!”  And we were all so glad because the ceremony in the Upper Grove was so beautiful, and formals in the expansive, photogenic fields were so fun.  Some of my favorites from their day…

I have to say that, aside the lovely couple, my favorite part of Bradd and Emily’s wedding was Emily’s amazingly, gorgeous dress, which cascaded around her all day, looking like a magical and classy juxtaposition in such a rustic location.  But there were certainly many highlights to the day – like the super-fun bridal party members, and the friends and family at the party (some of whom took turns joining the band for a song or two, which made for some awesome pictures) and, of course, their baby/dog, Logan, who enjoyed sharing Emily’s dress at every opportunity.  Bradd and Emily took advantage of Full Moon’s Party Barn and hosted a very cool after-party – a great way for them to spend more time with everyone.

Bradd and Emily gave out little vintage keys to hold the table assignments.  At the end of the reception, I found that someone had arranged the leftovers into the shape of a heart.  That’s definitely what Emily and Bradd’s day was about – lots of love… for each other and everyone there.


See more pictures from Bradd and Emily’s wedding on Facebook!

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