Jana and Mike, wedding at Wilderstein and Shadow Lawn

How cool would it be to get to say that you found inspiration for your wedding from your super-cool tattoo?!  Well, then you just have to meet Jana and Mike!  These hip cats went for a sort of Elvis-in-Hawaii theme for their wedding ceremony at the Wilderstein.  There were Hawaiian-inspired decorations, like totems and tiki torches, around the top of the aisle, along with tons and tons of flowers.  And their friend, who was ordained online, married them as Elvis!  After the ceremony, everyone moved to Shadow Lawn for the party, where guests showed off their cool tattos and haircuts (many of them received from Mike, who is reputed to be an amazing barber).  Together with their fully modern sense of style, Jana and Mike pulled the whole day off as this really fun play between old-school meets the new.

With their collection of classic cars (some theirs and some from friends) as a main backdrop for the day, the photos just had to reflect some of that 1950s-60s feel.  So I super-saturated the colors at times to get that color slide film feel, and the black and white film was perfect!  Of course, many of the pictures needed to reflect the modernity and those staples of wedding photography, so my general setup worked there.  I love how Shadow Lawn is such a small, manageable space that offers so many different backdrops for pictures within a two second walk!  And I just loved the clothes!  Especially Jana’s dress (a classic, almost Victorian, lace style, which she brilliantly paired with crazy, fun shoes) and Mike’s hat.  The authentic jazz band made the party feel almost like a speak-easy that suddenly became a Brooklyn street corner when the ice cream man showed up!  There were so many fun moments, but my favorites had to be when we were led in prayer by Elvis and seeing the display of old family photos (not just old wedding photos that are always so fun to look at, but also glamour shots) at the reception.

Congrats, again, Jana and Mike!  Thanks so much for including me in your totally spectacular day!


P.S.  See more pictures from Jana and Mike’s wedding on Facebook!

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