New Look, Same Great Images! (The Official Announcement)

When I go to a website that I’ve been using all the time and it suddenly looks totally different, I generally freak out… just a bit (until I figure out the new interface, which doesn’t often take long).  So in the hopes that you’re visiting my website and blogs often and have noticed some changes, I’ll tell you the whole story.

Last winter I decided HHP needed a makeover.  It stemmed from a conversation I had with Steph Padovani.  The year before, Steph had started a small business consulting firm geared towards wedding professionals.  So I decided to treat myself to a consult with her.  From that one conversation, I realized where I had to go next.  And that was to update my website!

Annie Internicola did the original design for my website years and years ago, and I hated to let it go.  When I pointed the domain to my new site, I almost wanted to have a little ceremony to honor the old one.  It had served me so well.  Annie is super-talented.  But, as Steph pointed out, Internet technology had changed so much, and the search engines and social media were working in new ways.  My old site wasn’t really able to keep up with all that good, new stuff.

I talked to my friend, Kerin Smith, an amazing artist/designer, about my dilemma.  And she had so many great ideas.  She helped me see the situation as a golden opportunity, and spent hours and hours with me going over my options.  Then she even arranged for me to sit down with her uber-talented husband, Sebastian, a graphic designer and tech-guru, to go over the kinks.  The two of them worked together to design my gorgeous new logo, coming up with the brilliant idea to fashion it after travel post stamps!

Kerin even mocked up some designs for my address labels and business cards that I’m totally excited to implement.  I really can’t wait to photograph their lovely family to thank them for all their incredibly generous help and ideas.

Then one day, serendipitously, I was chatting with my friend, Bethany Saltman, and she mentioned that she needed a new portrait for her Chronogram column.  And suddenly I thought, how perfect would it be to get her writing expertise for the language?  So we did a trade.  And now all my chattiness on the website is neat and clean.  And I just love my new catchphrase!  Totally brilliant.

So with a lot of help from my treasured collection of amazingly talented friends, HHP has a whole new look.  Thanks, everybody!  I just love collaborations!


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