Maureen and Chris, Larchmont Yacht Club Wedding

Somehow the sky was a major feature in Maureen and Chris’ wedding.  It was bright and sunny at times, offering pretty puffy clouds and pink sunsets at others, then a glorious almost-full moon to end a lovely day.  And it seemed the perfect gift for Maureen and Chris, who approached their wedding day in Westchester with the same beautiful attitude.

I loved how easily Maureen and Chris were able to create a day that was both filled with family tradition while, at the same time, being modern and fun.  Maureen and Chris were married at Maureen’s family’s church in Rye, where her parents were married.  Then we all drove a little ways down the road to Chris’ family’s yacht club, where his parents celebrated their nuptials.  They decorated the Pandemonium tent with photos from each of those weddings, and invited guests to enjoy a good old-fashioned lobster party with steamed lobsters, grilled summer vegetables and comfort food like mac and cheese.  The whole thing seemed almost effortless and carefree.

The clouds presented a brightly lit cover for us during our formal portraits on the docks.  Maureen and Chris had left me almost two hours between the ceremony and reception to work with them and their families, so that was when we had a great time photographing all the details and people who helped make the day.  (And then they were all free to enjoy their entire cocktail hour while I shot candids!)  I just loved their spunky colorful footwear and how it was echoed in various ways throughout the day.  The lovely sunflowers were a fun contrast to the elegant flowers the couple carried.  And even the band was a great blend of old and new – specializing in traditional Irish music that was funky and hip.  The bridesmaids really lived it up, doing this totally amazing faux jump rope routine that got everyone dancing!  To say this wedding was a gorgeously styled blast would be an understatement.

To Chris and Mo!


P.S. Check out more images from their wedding on Facebook and at their wedding web galleries (which I’ll be updating regularly)!

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