An Engaging Weekend

The weekend before last was a very “engaging” weekend, to be sure.  I got together for e-sessions with two couples whose weddings I’ll be photographing in 2012.  Both days of the weekend were gorgeous, fall days, and both sessions included a fun mix of urban and natural landscapes.  But even with their similarities, and our just-getting-to-know-each-other relationships, I aimed to photograph each couple in a unique way.

Genevieve and Andrew

Genevieve liked the idea of doing her e-shoot in Poughkeepsie.  It’s similar to where she’ll be getting married in Rhinecliff next year, but different enough that she won’t feel like we’re redoing the pictures on her wedding day.  And she’s from New Paltz but lives outside the area right now, so there’s a sense of nostalgia, I’m sure.  We coordinated for a weekend when Genevieve and Andrew would be in the area, and I suggested we try the Poughkeepsie waterfront – it’s such a fun place to do an e-shoot.  The train station has all these beautiful architectural elements, and the park is nearby with boats and the bridge and the views.  We were able to create for Genevieve and Andrew a lot of different settings just within a short walk.  And all that movement and scenery really seemed to bring out the best in Genevieve and Andrew’s quiet natures.  By the end of the shoot, they were each offering ideas for pictures, so we got to collaborate and make something striking about their warmth and sweet happiness together.

Courtney and Colin

Courtney and I thought it would be a fun idea to do their e-shoot at their apartment in Brooklyn.  She and Colin live right next to Prospect Park, so we got to walk over to the pond there.  But we could easily have spent the whole time in their gorgeous apartment, too.  It was filled with tons of light and amazing artwork (they’re both artists as well as their friends).  Because the space we used for their shoot was so personal and meaningful to them and their life together, the photos seemed to express not only their lovely relationship, but also started to feel like a document of this exciting moment in their lives.

Thanks for a fun weekend, everybody!  I can’t to work with all of you on your wedding days!


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