Katie and Sean, Crabtree’s Kittle House Wedding

I knew at the engagement shoot that Katie and Sean were going to have an awesome wedding!  (And I knew from that shoot that Katie was going to wear the coolest wedding shoes ever!)  Katie and Sean were both just too much fun, not to mention ravishing and madly in love, to have a wedding that was anything less.  And it turned out to be so true!

This was my first time shooting at the Kittle House, and it was such a pleasure.  The place is so well-kept and so well-run.  Katie’s room for getting ready was a  photographer’s dream, with great natural light, a really fun wall color, and classy, photogenic furniture!  And despite the incessant rain, we still had a great spot outside using the front of the gorgeous house as a backdrop for family pictures.

I knew that Katie and Sean had choreographed their first dance, but I almost had to laugh at remembering Katie asking me to try to make them look good because they both turned out to be amazing dancers.  And they were both on the dance floor all night!  As were their friends, parents and even the oldest members of the family… in wheelchairs!  (Alex and his assistant from Jimmy Dee totally rocked the house.)

I loved all the special touches that went into their fantastic day: the baskets of flip flops, alongside the regular offerings, like aspirin and hairspray, in the ladies’ room, the flowers and faux pearl decorations, of course, the signing board I made from their engagement photo!, and most especially, Katie’s hip surprise change between ceremony and reception!

The whole day was such a pleasure!  Here’s to many more nights of crazy, awesome dancing for you two!


P.S. See more pictures from Katie and Sean’s wedding on Facebook and in their web galleries.

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