Carrie and Thomas, Whitby Castle Wedding

I love getting to know the various connections between people’s lives whom I photograph.  Carrie is one of the very talented doctors who helped Michelle deliver her deliciously adorable baby boy.  So when Carrie was preparing for her wedding, Michelle recommended me.  (Thank you!)  And then it turned out that Carrie was getting married in the very same gorgeous church in Rye that Maureen recently did.  Such a small world.  And yet, three beautifully different weddings.

Carrie and Thomas’ day was marked with classic style and fun, personal touches.  I knew that their party was going to be smooth as soon as I learned that Thomas was an experienced event planner, which was obvious from the first conversation with him.  My favorite elements of their day were the Valentine-red color theme (perfect for a wedding), the timeless Rolls that Thomas slyly reserved for Carrie as a surprise transport to the church (one of my all-time favorite places to photograph a bride), the amazing vocal performance conducted by Thomas’ friend during the ceremony,  and the fun table designations of favorite Republican presidents (a nod to Thomas’ background in politics).

The weekend started off great, too, when I got to photograph the rehearsal and dinner the night before the big day.  It was a great chance to get to know the families and key players involved for the next day; and it gave me the opportunity to get additional photo angles and details in the church and to familiarize myself with the ceremony.  Plus, we were able to get the signing board – my new favorite guest book – started that night, so when guests arrived for the wedding the next day, they could already see what Carrie and Thomas were going for in displaying the photo from our very fun engagement shoot.

This is the photo they used for their thank-you cards… which might even be on their way to family and friends right now!

All the best to Thomas and Carrie for a bright and happy future together!


P.S. See more photos from Carrie and Thomas’ wedding on Facebook and at their web galleries!

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