Sara and David, Castle on the Hudson Wedding

From the first, Sara and David were bubbling with excitement about their upcoming wedding.  It was so fun to hear all their plans, and it was just amazing to watch it all come together.

My favorite part of their day was seeing how well they achieved their fairytale wedding theme, from the castle backdrop to the theatrically-lit dream cake.  Sara and her bridesmaids wore dresses that were lovingly handmade by Sara’s mom (a retired custom seamstress turned author) that featured 17th century style.  There were designer bustles and intricate detailing, unique to each.  Elements of Sara’s dress incorporated flowers from Sara’s grandmother’s wedding headpiece, which was such a great nod to a wonderful woman.  The ladies looked like they were ready to grace Louis XIV’s court, just like Cinderella.  And the castle seemed ready to receive them with amazing floral centerpieces that were just dripping with crystals and candlelight.  (I just loved their catwalk runway entrances into the party!)  Everything was done in decadent style.

May Sara and David live happily ever after…


P.S.  See more photos from Sara and David’s wedding on Facebook and at their web galleries.

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