Katy and David, Wedding in Kingston

It’s almost hard to write this post.  I’ve worked with Katy and David on their wedding plans for over a year, and with this late post (I am embarrassingly behind in my blogging), all their final wedding images have even already been delivered!  They are such a fun couple with super-sweet families and great friends.  (In fact, they’re members of the very cool, vintage bicycle gang, the Dusty Spokes, whose members’ I’ve photographed three times this year as they are all marrying!)  And Katy and David’s engagement shoot, site viewing, pre-wedding meeting, and wedding were all so much fun to be part of.

Katy and David’s wedding called upon their many talents and talented friends and family.  There were performances by Katy’s brother, their friends’ band (It was totally funny and cute when the drummer pretended to get hurt so they could call out to the audience for a replacement: David, an amazing drummer!), a special dance performance by Katy and her bridesmaids, and even a double drum stand-off between David and his brother, for old time’s sake.  The whole day was this great mix of elegance and fun.  Katy’s look involved two gorgeous dresses from her boutique while the tables were decorated with Star Wars action figures.  And her new Renaissance husband’s groom cake was just that – shaped like superheroes and homemade by David himself using his grandmother’s baking pans and special tricks for awesome decoration. 

I will miss them!  But luckily, I get to make some wedding albums and thank-you cards for these guys still.  🙂


P.S.  See more images from their wedding on Facebook and at their web galleries!

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