Jenna’s Ambiance Book Set

Jenna and her mom came into the studio the other day to pick up their Ambiance book set.  There’s a big book for Jenna and Tim, with three smaller books for the parents.  The moms both chose the same plum silk cover material as Jenna did, so they looked so great all together (probably for the last time before they go off to their respective homes).  I just had to share photos.

It was a long, fun process creating the album set with Jenna.  She had so many great ideas, and it was inspiring to collaborate with her on the books.  The best part was getting the books into Jenna’s hands.

Each album was custom, so each parent got to pick their own set of pictures for their individual book.  They also got to customize the covers, and everyone placed the inscription in a different place on the cover.  When we put them together, it really shows the versatility of the book and how you can really make it your own.  As always, I love the clean matt options, the variety for sizing and how the color and black & white look together.  Some of these pages are from the parent books, which are sizable at 8×8 with 30 custom prints.  It’s a really choice momento and a beautiful gift.

The black & white images in the books are sometimes converted from digital color pictures, then custom-printed.  Sometimes, though, they’re darkroom prints, handmade by the very talented Frank Marshall.  It depends on how the image was shot (digitally or with film).  I love the way the two look together, and I love when there’s an all-black & white page in the mix.  It feels so artful and elegant.  (In fact, one bride even did her entire wedding album in black & white.  It came out great!)

Stay in touch, Jenna!  I’ll miss working with you!


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