Bye-Bye Brag Book

I never know why the makers of all things fabulous ultimately discontinue them.  This time, it’s my beloved brag books!  Kolo has discontinued the vineyard size that so elegantly held a 4×6 print vertically or horizontally on a page and tied with a pretty contrast ribbon.  Sigh.  Luckily, I have a stash of them in assorted colors…

Current stock (updated 7.12.12): 3 mango with red ribbon, 2 red with red ribbon, lake with medium blue ribbon SOLD OUT, 2 ivory with green ribbon, 1 leaf with green ribbon AND I just scored another 15 books in assorted colors!  Check back soon for more options!

If there’s a brag book or two in your future (ie. in your contract), I have one for you!  But supplies are now limited.  So if you want to have best pick of the color options above, you might want to place your order now.  Please be in touch.

For those of you who were interested in getting a brag book at some point in the future, I do have several extra books available… while supplies last!  Also, I will be replacing this book style in the near future with something similar as it’s such a fun, affordable option for a parent album.  I’ll do a post on the new book once I’ve finished my research and found something perfect!

I’ll also update the note beneath this picture with each change to the stockpile, so feel free to check back often!

Luckily, I believe these things always happen for a reason.  When Ambiance was discontinued and then bought by a new company, it got even better!  I’m confident that the new brag book I’ll offer will be a similarly amazing story.  Have no fear, friends!


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