Kristin and Sean, Wedding at the DePuy Canal House

Last fall, I got to photograph the very intimate wedding of Kristin and Sean at the DePuy Canal House in High Falls.  There were only a few close friends and family there to fill up the restaurant’s main room, which was nestled inside an historic stone house just steps from the old canal.  For the occasion, Kristin and Sean were all dolled up in retro 1940s style and exchanged vows beside a roaring fireplace.  I was so inspired by them that as soon as it was over, I just had to blog about it – all weddings should be this warm and stylish!

The event made its mark on my photos.  Trying to live up to my promise to each couple that I will make unique and personal wedding photos that are inspired by their own style, I thought Kristin and Sean were the perfect couple to try out some retro Photoshop techniques.  So I started to play, and it turned out to be a great fit, I think.  (Special thanks to my lovely cohort, Kathryn Lucia, for helping me set it up!)  And now I have some more tools for my arsenal of image-making!  (This portfolio is heavy on my favorite images using that technique, but in actuality, I would do it sparingly – the way I use black & white – to keep it from getting too gimmicky,  and just to play up those images where it would work really well.)

Thanks to Kristin and Sean!  And best of luck to you guys!


P.S.  There are more of Kristin and Sean’s pictures (and you can compare the new technique to the old staple in some of these images) on Facebook and at their web gallery.

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