A Brag Book for Erika’s Parents

Maybe it’s because it’s called a Brag Book that I am compelled to show off the one we just made for Erika‘s parents.

I just love the way the black & white photo on the cover looks with the beautiful lake color they chose.  And this style of book is such a favorite of mine.  I modeled it after my grandmother’s scrapbook with those sweet photo corners.  And it’s so great that it’s large enough for a 4×6 photo to be placed vertically or horizontally on the page without needing to turn the book.  So sad that they discontinued it.  Grr!

So don’t forget to reserve your Brag Book now!  There are only a few left!


5 thoughts on “A Brag Book for Erika’s Parents

  1. Dear Hillary,
    We received our Brag Book this past weekend when we were down visiting Erika and John. What an absolutely wonderful keepsake. Let me tell you, it was very difficult picking 25 photos from all the wonderful ones from that day! Thank you so much for the book. Hope we don’t wear it out too soon. Again, you did a wonderful job preserving their special day!
    Bruce and Jenny

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