Brooke and Owen, E-shoot in Kingston

It was love at first sight.  I mean, for me… with Brooke and Owen.

We’d ended up booking their wedding over the phone this winter, so when they came to my door last weekend for their engagement shoot, it was the first time we’d met face to face.  During the shoot, I quickly saw that hanging out with them was like hanging out with two comedy writers.  They were so completely fun, and had so many ideas for interesting poses and things to do in the pictures.  They were obviously such great friends.  I hope their photos show it!

I love that my neighborhood offers so many different location looks to play with.  Even though I’ve done two other e-shoots here (one on a walk around the neighborhood and another at this same beachfront park), they all come out with a different flavor.  It always depends on who the people are that I’m photographing.

The next day, we met up at their wedding location for a site viewing.  Between the beautiful mountain views, sweet horses, classic farm buildings, not to mention how fantastic Brooke and Owen are, I really can’t wait for their wedding!


P.S.  See more pictures from their e-shoot at their web gallery and on Facebook!

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