Tori and John’s Renaissance Album

John and Tori‘s Renaissance album arrived yesterday!  Tori chose the opal silk brocade cover, which I love so much I used it for my sample album.

The Renaissance album is a flush-mount, digital book.  So designs are printed directly onto thick pages – like a baby’s board book…  Or like my mom’s wedding album from the 1960s!

But inside, the design is, of course endlessly modern.  I’m developing my graphic design sensibility with the help of some awesome new software and my savvy friend, Kerin Brooks Smith.  I love designing the pages of the Renaissance book on a white backdrop.  (The Ambiance matts are black, and each feels well-matched to its format.)

My favorite thing about the Renaissance album is that it’s seamless.  I can print photos across the gutter on any page in the album, and it doesn’t interfere with the picture presentation.  (Old flush-mount albums used to only allow one panoramic page in the exact center, and the rest of the book had a little white seam.  Until the Renaissance.  That’s when I started to offer flush-mount books.)

Goodbye, baby.  Off to your new home with Tori and John!


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