Devi and Yoland, Wedding at the Kaaterskill

It happens every so often that a couple will leave my studio after telling me about their upcoming wedding and looking through my portfolios, and I’ll think, “I really want to get that wedding!”  That was true of Devi and Yoland.  Not only because they’re such warm people (down-to-earth and gorgeous, too), but also because their wedding sounded like it would be a super-fun assignment.  It was going to be at the Kaaterskill, one of my new favorite venues (especially now that they have Kim, who is an amazing venue manager and event planner), and they wanted things to be simply documented.  And Devi was going to wear a sari!  And then it happened…

During our site viewing earlier this spring, we decided we’d do the First Look in a grove of trees on the property before the ceremony.  I loved Devi’s idea for a Bollywood photo of them peeking out around one of the trees and following Yoland’s impulse to make photos at the falls down the road.

The rest of the day was full of simple and elegant designs.  The trellis where the ceremony was held was decorated with spiraled glass candles and yellow garlands, like the ones Yoland and Devi exchanged at the end of the ceremony.  The reception was arranged with long tables stretching from the back of the barn to the front, with plenty of room for dancing.  The barn looked amazing with the large paper lanterns in different sizes and shades of red, orange, yellow and white, just over the dance floor, leaving simple white light strings to decorate the dining areas.  The flowers were simple wildflowers in mason jar centerpieces, a perfect complement to the deliciously spicy and exotic Indian-Jamaican-inspired food, served family-style (definitely a huge new trend I’ve been seeing everywhere)!  As everyone was invited to stand by the pond for the cake cutting, they were given sparklers to light their way.

Congratulations, Devi and Yoland!


P.S.  See more pictures of Devi and Yoland’s wedding on Facebook and on their web galleries.

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