Genevieve and Drew, Wedding at The Rhinecliff

I have a long history with The Rhinecliff Hotel.  Back when I was in high school, we could sneak through a hole in the fence to get in.  It was a dive bar with all the pre-smoking-law grittiness, and it attracted some amazing local musicians.  (I saw Natalie Merchant play acoustic there once.)  So when I moved back to the area and heard that my old stomping grounds had been renovated and re-opened under new management, I couldn’t wait to see it again.  And when I was invited by the sweet and dapper Genevieve and Drew to photograph their wedding there, I knew it was going to be the perfect moment.

Their event was truly elegant.  Genevieve wore a Vera Wang dress with cherry red shoes and clutch.  We did the First Look on the train bridge and photos of the family down by the water before the ceremony.  The party room is bright and airy with a gorgeous porch that has a front row seat for the sunset.

Their wedding was a great, big family affair.  The flowers for the centerpieces were grown by Genevieve’s horticulturist dad and arranged in little zen-garden-like settings at each table by her stepmom.  The monogrammed cookie wedding favors were baked by Drew’s mom, and Genevieve’s stepdad, a DJ at the Limelight, back in the day, provided music for the party!  In keeping with this sense of sharing, the delicious food was served family-style and, in lieu of a cake, they passed bite-sized pastries.

Congratulations to Genevieve and Drew!


P.S.  See more photos from Genevieve and Drew’s wedding on Facebook and in their web galleries!

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